Thursday 22 August 2019
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Care Home Policies


CQC compliance for Care Homes

W&P Assessment and Training Centre have released a set of over 70 care home policies and procedures.

The care home policies are cross checked to other legislative requirements eg Data Protection Act, Immigration and Asylum Act, Disability Discrimination Act. They include comprehensive manager's notes section detailing how to use the policies, which pages need the purchaser's company details inserted and where to change them.

The care home policies are set out in alphabetical order for ease of use and ordering.
They are in word format, making them accessible, easy to review and update each year.

For a limited period they also include a year of free updates (worth £49.99).

View examples of our Policies and Procedures

Examples of our care home policies can be viewed on our website at

For further information contact W&P Assessment and Training Centre on 01305 767104 or visit


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Policies and Procedures

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Health & Social Care Act 2008 and PCA Workshop

CQC Registration Guidance

Forms - Staff Personnel

Forms - Medication Management

Forms - Generic Adult Social Care

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