Wednesday 24 April 2019
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Parkinson's UK-funded research paves the way for new drug trial

Exciting new research at University College London Hospital will test the drug Exenatide as a novel treatment for people with mild to moderate Parkinsons.

Call over care home medication

Medication errors in care homes could be avoided if pharmacists were put in charge, research suggests.

Cancer drug model could be a potential treatment for Alzheimer's study claim

Treatments modelled on the cancer drug Gleevec could potentially prevent the formation of amyloid plaques - one of the major hallmarks of Alzheimers disease according to a new study.

Adult care system still baffling the public

Widespread public confusion remains over how the adult care system works, two years after councils in England were set personalisation targets to improve information and advice for citizens, research has found.

Hospitals 'still failing' on elderly patients' nutrition

Many hospitals across the UK are not doing enough to spot elderly people at risk from malnutrition, says a charity.

Call to improve care of elderly with broken hips

One in five elderly people with broken hips do not get surgery quickly enough, a survey shows.