Tuesday 25 February 2020
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The Next Generation Bladder Scanner the BBS Revolution

Affordable and long term cost-effective, the BBS Revolution™ improves user efficiency, reduces scanning time and reduces running costs!

Utilising breakthrough patented ultrasound technology with sophisticated imaging capabilities and equipped with a wireless scanning probe, the BBS Revolution™ automatically differentiates between male and female anatomy and locates the bladder without aiming. Accurate and consistently repeatable bladder volume measurements are delivered at a press of the button in just 3 seconds.

Using the BBS Revolution™ is fast and simple and produces accurate and reliable measurements. There is no need for mode selection or aiming of the probe – just few simple steps deliver the result:

Lift the wireless probe
Apply ample amount of gel
Place the probe firmly on the lower abdomen
Press the button to take the measurement
View the result – the result that you can trust!

Wireless scanning probe takes measurements at a distance from the base unit, allowing effective scanning without the console on the trolley entering the patient’s room, thus delivering maximum convenience and highly desirable hygiene benefits.   

The BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner features innovative patented technology that is entirely unique, distinct and unrelated to other bladder scanner brands, designs and intellectual properties. BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner complies with the MDD 93/42/EEC (CE 0120) and is FDA cleared.

Read more about the BBS Revolution™ Bladder Scanner with Wireless Scanning Probe Here

Contact Win Health Medical on 01835 864866 ( + 44 1835 864866 international) to register your interest and request a demonstration or to discuss your interest in the BBS Revolution™. We invite enquiries from the UK and from the rest of Europe.