W&P Launch NEW Welsh Policies and Procedures

W&P have launched their first set of Welsh Policies and Procedures for Care Homes and Domiciliary Services in Wales.

The Social Services and Wellbeing Act (Wales) 2014 which became Law in April 2016 sets out some radical changes in how health and social care services are provided. The NEW W&P Welsh policies have been written in accordance with the Care Homes (Wales) regulations 2002 and Domiciliary Agencies (Wales) Regulations 2004 and will be developed and updated as the new legislation is rolled out over the coming 2/3 years ensuring your business always maintains its regulatory compliance.

The full set is divided into 5 sections linked to standards 1- 27 so you can easily reference each policy to the relevant standard:

User-Focused Services

Standards 1-5

Personal Care

Standards 6-10


Standards 11-16

Managers and Staff

Standards 17-21

Organisation and Running a Business

Standards 21-27

The policies are clearly written and supplied in MS Word format for easy editing. When you purchase a full set you will get the quarterly update service free until April 1st the following year saving up to £195.00 plus vat, however policies can also be purchased individually if you don’t require a full set.

The update service provides complete peace of mind because your policies will be reviewed every quarter against the very latest legislation, case law or good practice guidance saving you a lot of time and money compared to doing this yourself. In addition you will be subscribed to our free newsletters which contains important industry news as well as news and sales promotions from W&P.

Health and Social Care providers in Wales are facing many regulatory changes as the new legislation is fully implemented and W&P can support you to manage this transition successfully.

For more information or to purchase your Welsh policies please visit our Domiciliary Care Policies Wales page or our Welsh Residential Care Policies page or call one of our experienced industry advisors on 01305 767104